Working on the Ray Bradbury Odyssey: Part 1

The thing that I’m most proud of, in regards to the play Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey, is that my small team and I did so much on such a small budget,… Continue reading

Pre-Viz Spaceship

Piece for an animated Si-Fi pre-viz, written and designed by me. The spaceship is a filler piece, shot in stop motion, until a real spaceship design is done. Space Ship Pre-Viz from Christopher… Continue reading

Two Quick Pre-Vis Effect Demos by CM

Moonlight Art Magazine

I’m also the publisher of Moonlight Art

Ray Bradbury Pitch-Viz

Early pitch-viz for the project Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey. This was used to help producers get funding for the play. Special thanks to Rebecca Kim for the 3D work, and Rich… Continue reading

Ray Bradbury Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel for Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey, written by Michael O’Kelly. Scene directed, and art directed by Christopher Moonlight. Composite and FX by Rich Goddard. Ferris Wheel model by Dave Grave.… Continue reading