My Videos

As many know, I’ve done my fare share of interview videos. I have fun putting them together from shooting to editing. Here are a few examples of my work over the years, from… Continue reading

Giant Robot From Christopher Moonlight Film Leaked!

When I find out who leaked this, I’ll make sure they take it down.

My First Marionettes

These are some of the very first (of many) marionettes that I’ve made for my little no budget indy movies. I’ve already made some better stuff since this video (and my handle on… Continue reading

Working On The Ray Bradbury Odyssey: Part 4 (Why Mars?)

Out space is a particularly fun thing for me, to animate in After Effects. I’ve actually found that creating the elements in Adobe Photoshop can make for just as convincing stars and planets,… Continue reading

My Catalog Work: Day Into Night

Photo compositing is a big part of what I do for Lamps Plus on a day to day basis. If you go to the Lamps Plus website, you’ll find that almost every product… Continue reading

Working on the Ray Bradbury Odyssey: Part 3 (Of Groons and Ghosts)

Of Groons and Ghosts from Christopher (Moonlight) Cooksey on Vimeo. This video is of some moments from the effects shoots for Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey. It demonstrates how I created the… Continue reading

Drawing "It’s A Tech World After All" (step by step)

Believe it or not, writing and drawing Aaron Sallan’s comic strip, “It’s A Tech World After All” (originally written by Aaron and his dad Bruce Sallan, and then drawn by Aaron) for… Continue reading

Passport To Explore: Coming This Fall !!!

Passport To Explore is a teen travel show coming out this fall. I did all the animation designs, painted backgrounds, storyboards, and trademarked logo designs, using both hand drawn and painted illustrations, as… Continue reading

Concept Art: Aliens Vs. The Simpsons

I’m a big fan of Bongo Comics (arguably the best part of The Simpsons franchise in my opinion) and a big fan of Fox’s other great big franchise (no not Star Wars) Aliens.… Continue reading

Working on the Ray Bradbury Odyssey: Part 2 (Mr. Electrico)

Mr. Electrico Demo from Christopher (Moonlight) Cooksey on Vimeo. Ray Bradbury’s story of how the carnival magician Mr. Electico sat in an electric chair and knighted him with an electric sword, was another… Continue reading