The Quantum Terror: A Lovecraftian Love Story

If Roger Corman went to David Lynch, told him to go watch the quantum physics episodes of Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freedman, then make him a low budget indie film in the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft with the look of H.R. Giger, we’d like to think that The Quantum Terror would turn out a little like that.

A young woman in search of her twin sister, and her friends enter a maze of underground tunnels, where alien beings of madness await.

In the tradition of writers like H.P. Lovecraft, artists like H.R. Giger, and film makers such as David Lynch or Stanly Kubrick, this indie sci-fi/horror aims to bring together some of the top independent film making talents residing in Austin, Texas to demonstrate that (now more than ever) artistry over a big studio budget can make for excellent film making.

We plan on using practical effects, drawless animation, puppets and miniatures, combined with intimate storytelling and good acting to create an alternate reality, inhabited by impossible creatures of madness. We’ve reverse engineered some big budget effects so that we can recreate them using cheaper materials, secured the perfect house location, and converted a garage into a mini sound stage. Combined with clever lighting and photography, we believe that you’ll never be able to notice or tell that you’re not watching a big budget Hollywood film.

The Story

Samantha Carol’s twin sister Silvia has gone missing, without a trace. The only clues that Sam has to go on are notebooks filled with strange quantum physics equations combined with scribblings about the occult, that she left behind. Silvia’s ex-boyfriend and fellow college classmate claims he has seen her going into the nearby drainage tunnels that run under the town he lives in, however he himself is a suspect in her disappearance.

Accompanied by Sam’s concerned ex-lover Lucy, with new boyfriend in tow, the now group of four go down into the tunnels where strange alien creatures and alterations of reality, will confront them with their deepest desires and darkest inner truths. Now, the question isn’t just whether they will find Silvia or not, but if it’s even possible for them to ever get out again. 

Production Philosophy

We’ve been inspired by the successful production of other small, Kickstarter funded films that have come before us, such as StudioADI’s Harbinger Down (directed by Alec Gillis) Tom Woodruff, Jr‘s Fire City, and Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins’ His Heavy Heart. It is our belief that it is the artists behind a film, and not huge amounts of money that bring quality to a production. That’s why we think that for as little as our 5K pledge goal, we can make an indie film that doesn’t feel like it was shot entirely in a parking lot. Of course more money will help, and that’s why we have stretch goals, but we know that what we do with the money we earn will truly amaze you.

Where Will The Money Go?

We already have access to quality cameras and locations. This money will primarily go towards paying our talented crew, who have agreed to work for way below their normal rates, actors, materials for building our creatures & miniatures, a minimal amount of lights & equipment, food, and insurance for our set. If we raise more money, then we will be able to bring in more talent and diversify the visuals and wardrobe that we put on screen.

The Crew

Producer and VFX Artist Christopher Moonlight: Most notably known for his design work for TV and films, such as Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey, Christopher is also the publisher of Moonlight Art Magazine, and producer of films like Girl In The Window, The Practical People, When Hollywood Green-Lit Comic-Con, and My Little Zombie, which are all scheduled for release in 2015.

Christopher Moonlight and Frank Pappa III

Director & Script Writer Frank Papa III: Frank has been making his way up as director of short films such as A Cut Above & Murder Songs, for Looknow Managment, as well as the upcoming web series Bullet.

Special Makeup FX Artist Jenna Green: Jenna most notably  competed on season 4, on the SyFy Channel effects challenge show Face Off and created many of the creatures for the movie Army Of Frankensteins.

Lauren Morris_Scorpion Sound_Film Composer_Sound Design_Austin_TX_Texas

Film Score and Sound Design by Lauren Morris: Lauren is the accomplished musician and owner of Scorpion Sound Design, behind the noises and melodies that accompany the award winning feature film Circus of the Dead, that has been taking film festivals by storm.

Writer_James Hudnall

(with stretch goal of 7K) Script Doctor James Hudnall: This major talent will be an add on, if we meet our stretch goal of seven thousand dollars. We already feel we have a strong script, but with James’ years of experience as a comic book and TV writer (he co-created the Ultraverse for Malibu Comics and the show Harsh Realm) as well as a teacher, it’s only logical to conclude that he can make our very good script as close to perfect, as it can get.

Castle Corsetry 2

(With 2nd stretch goal of 9K) Castle Corsetry: Lauren Bregman is a rising star in the world of fashion design and cosplay. Her corset work is second to none, in our opinion, and her contributions to our wardrobe will take our character designs from cool to iconic.

Made In Texas!

Did we mention that this is a Texas production? Every one of the above mentioned is either living and working here, or was born and raised in this fine state. It just might be that we feel we have something to prove by bucking the stereotypes and showing that (with all due respect) film making can thrive and be successful outside of the Hollywood studio system.

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