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My name is Christopher “Moonlight” Cooksey and I’ve been a film maker for 5 years now. I’m a husband and the father of two amazing girls. I often tell people that all I want to do is be free and make art, but that’s really too simple an explanation. Read more about who I am on this blog


Christopher Moonlight Productions has been a long time dream of mine. The idea is to get enough film projects going that I can justify the move to Austin, TX where a lower cost of living, coupled by its growing indie film community, will enable me to form the production company (LLC) that would be cost effective enough to make quality movies, outside of the mainstream.

By helping me fund this project, you will be enabling me to make four films by the end of the year 2012.

Please, help these projects become a reality:

~The all green screen, 22 minute, sci-fi, short film Girl In The Window

Starring: Jeremy Hanes, Michael A. Thompson, Bonnyjean Hoffert, Katelyn Cooksey, and Christopher Moonlight.

~The Practical People. A documentary about modern day artists who make monsters and aliens the old fashioned way… without computers. With creators from shows like Face Off and (hopefully) Monster Man, to Oscar winning legends of the industry. This movie will bring a greater understanding of the lives that bring us magic.

~Hollywood at Comic Con is a half hour documentary, examining different points of veiw on how Hollywood’s influence on Comic Con and the comic book industry has affected the art. It features such creators as Batton Lash, David Mack, Sal Abbinanti (from Alex Ross Art), Camilla d’Errico, Billy Martinez, The Aradio Brothers, Paul Goinan, and the Cosplay girls of Birds of Play and Castle Corsetry.

~Live Forever: A Ray Bradbury Odyssey, isn’t my project, but I’m doing the effects and design for it, for a very reduced rate, because I believe in the project. It is the authorized film biography about the life and imagination of Ray Bradbury, and stars Malcolm McDowell,Edward James Olmos, Joe Mantegna, Hugh Hefner, Roy Disney, and many more.

~Moonlight Art Magazine, is yet another project you will help to (re) launch at the beginning of next year. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO and tons of free art interviews, comic book stories, and videos.

To here me talk about these projects more, check out this interview I did for Darkest Radio.